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    صباذوب سپاهان
  • Producing materials needed steel industry

    صباذوب سپاهان


Saba Zob Sepahan Company founded in 2008 with vision to produce and supply new generation of materials to Iranian steel industry.
The decision was made by the founder with more than 25 years of work experience in steel industry and commercial activates to produce and localize some essential materials in steel industry.
Considering supply of a vast range of products from overseas, after multilateral researches and with association of technical knowledge of foreign joint ventures, Saba Zob Sepahan succeed to produce various materials and introduced its brand as a pioneer and leading producer of this range of materials in Iran .
We are proud to say with use of highly qualified domestic staff, in addition to cutting down the dependency to foreign countries, we have succeeded to cooperate and sell our goods and services to customers in other countries.
Saba Zob Sepahan’s deoxidizer briquette plays a significant role in our customers’ steel production processes by dropping the cost of production in addition to reducing the production time.
Saba Zob Sepahan always tries to improve the quality, productivity and performance of its products and put R&D as a priority in order to further develop quality in every aspects of production.

We think about long-term cooperation with you.

Customer Orientation

Being client-oriented in the Saba Zob Sepahan Co. means providing services with the clients before, during and after selling or providing services.
Regarding the globalization trend, for achieving success and obtaining a major share of the global markets, priority should be given to the client oriented approach since satisfied clients are the profit sources of companies. In the Saba Zob Sepahan Co. supplying services to the clients with high quality and in a continual form, has led to satisfaction of clients and clients ever increasingly trust us.
Therefore the Saba Zob Sepahan Co. intends to supply products that could provide with needs, demands and expectations of clients.
Saba Zob Sepahan Co. regards provision of professional services, excellent performance, durable products and suitable price as its priorities and through continuous polling of clients tries to be one of the best firms from the viewpoint of quality improvement and supplying services.

صباذوب سپاهان
صباذوب سپاهان